Wedding photography is an all-time favorite specialty among photographers. We can consider it as a promising career and a lucrative business. Plenty of weddings are planned here and there and if you are able to reach out to the right people then you’ll have a higher chance of getting more clients.

wedding photographyA wedding is an important event for all engaged couples. It is the time where they will promise to love and cherish each other forever. For this reason, couples would want every single moment in their special day to be captured by your awesome camera.

As a wedding photographer, you want to satisfy your clients’ needs and expectation. You will need a wedding camera that can help you show off your skills and can deliver brilliant, sharp images.

Check out to see examples of brilliant wedding photos taken from a reliable DSLR camera.

Which brand is better?

The best camera for weddings is always a hot topic among photographers and photo buffs. From time to time, you can find debates and reviews on different DSLR cameras. Which one is the best camera for weddings? Well, we all have different opinions  but it might help to ask advice from experienced wedding photographers like Wedding Photography Derbyshire.

At present, Canon and Nikon are two of the best camera brands. Manufacturers of these brands offer different specifications, features and built. There are also various lenses that you can buy for a particular brand.

Full-Frame DSLR cameras

In wedding photography, many photographers will agree that a full-frame DSLR camera is the best to use for a wedding event. Full frame sensor cameras though are more expensive than cropped but it is a worthwhile investment for experienced wedding photographers. Full frame cameras have large sensors for sharper, more detailed images. Attaching the right lens for your camera can help make the images look astounding.

Now, which brand is better: Canon or Nikon?

Among the Canon cameras, the most popularly used in weddings are the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EOS 1 Dx, EOS 7D and EOS 60D. Canon cameras are known for brilliant raw images. The images captured by a Canon camera also have great skin tones and nice raw colors. Most Canon cameras are also compact, easy to carry and comfortable to hold in your hands.

On the other hand, most preferred Nikon cameras are Nikon D4s, D3x, D800, Nikon D750 and D700. Nikon cameras are great for indoor when shooting in low light. The images shot with a Nikon camera still look sharp even in low light and the autofocus is amazing. Nikon D750 has an impressive autofocus which is useful in low light.

Both Are Great

Both brands also offer a wide range of lenses to choose from. When shooting a wedding, it would be best if you have more than 2 lenses and one should be a reliable zoom lens. Each lens has its own purpose and it will also depend on how you make use of it.

We can say that there is no better brand because both brands have wonderful and unique features. It will still depend on your style, preference or discretion. Of course another factor to consider is the price.

If you are very particular with auto focus in low light, then search among Nikon cameras. On the other hand, if you go for colors and nice skin tones, choose one of the Canon types. You can try to rent some cameras first and try each for a week before deciding on which one to buy. Choose also the best lenses offered by your preferred brand.