nikonWhen you take a look at around, you will notice that there are many photo enthusiasts who advanced to a higher level and decided to pursue professional photography. Some focused on wedding photography while others specialized in landscape or other forms of photography.

If you are also aspiring to become a professional wedding photographer, then there are important things you need to consider to become successful in this field. The very basic one is choosing the right camera.

There are many cameras to choose from but the most popular nowadays is the DSLR type. Most professional photographers like Berkshire Wedding Photographer prefer DSLR cameras because these cameras produce sharper images. There are also plenty of features that make DSLR a good choice in professional digital photography.

When it comes to wedding photography, there are models that really stand out among the different brands and models available in the market today.

Below are the Top 6 DSLR cameras that are considered by many as the best for wedding photography.

  1. Canon 5D Mark III

The Canon 5D Mark III was released in 2012 and from then on it continues to gather interest from both professional and amateur photographers.  The wonderful features of Mark III impress most users although there are some who are a bit disappointed especially when it comes to the price.

Overall, Canon 5D Mark III is a great full frame camera because of the following reasons:

  • Full frame CMOS sensor
  • Compact yet light weight at 22.3MP,
  • High ISO at 25,600 or102,400 when in expanded mode
  • Impressive low light shooting capacity
  • Fast autofocus
  • Impressive high resolution images
  • Full HD 1080p video recording
  1. Nikon D810

Nikon D810 is the Nikon’s most recent flagship model that can compete head to head with Canon products.  It has a remarkable autofocus and image processor that can give you an assurance of producing brilliant images. Moreover, Nikon D810 has a 3.2-inch monitor and a resolution of 36.3 MP that is of course higher than other brands with only 22MP or lower.

  1. Nikon D4S

Another wonderful Nikon product that is great for wedding photography is the Nikon D4S. This is well known for being able to shoot in low light and of course we know indoor weddings sometimes have insufficient light. Thus, a camera like Nikon D4S is what you need for indoor wedding photography.

Nikon D4S has a wide dynamic range, noise-free feature and Wi-Fi able when attached to a transmitter. Furthermore, Nikon D4S has fast autofocus speed at 11 fps. It is more expensive than other models but is surely worth investing in.

  1. Nikon 800

Many photographers we have talked to highly recommend Nikon D800. This full frame camera works well in low light, produces brilliant, rich-colored images and is solidly built. It is considered today as the flagship of Nikon and this is one cam that wedding photographer hertfordshire likes a lot.

5. Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 5D Mark II precedes the newest Canon 5D Mark III.  This model has an image resolution of 21 MP with high ISO noise reduction feature.  You can even record a short movie clip at 1080p up to 12 minutes.

There are truly many DSLRs to choose from for wedding photography. You just need to gather information about each before giving your final decision on which brand to buy.