photography businessMany of us love taking pictures. We take pictures using our camera phone, a point or shoot camera or even a more advanced professional camera. We shoot photos of family members during events, photograph our pet animals or any interesting subject we see. Our love for photography, though, does not mean that we are ready for the real, big thing – that is, to start a photography business.

Owning a wonderful camera and some lenses are not guarantee that we are ready to become a photographer and start accepting projects. There are individuals who just jump into the opportunity of starting a business without thinking of the important things necessary for it.

If you are serious about starting a photography business, then here are the 6 things you need to contemplate on:

  1. Business registration and location

What business name would be attractive and easy for clients to remember? What do I need to register my business? What expenses and fees do I need to pay for? These are some of the questions you need to ask your self when planning for your business. Decide on a business name and know what are the laws, documents necessary in your particular area, city or state. Business registration process differs from place to place so you have to do a research on how it is done in your city/ state.

  1. Target market

Decide on the type of photography you want to enter into so you can think of a specific target market. Are you interested in wedding photography? Or would you rather take pictures of landscapes? Newborns? Studio portraits? Your target market will depend on your photography choice. If you love to shoot weddings, then your target market is the engaged couple in your location or those who are looking for the wedding photography style you are offering, say for example documentary wedding photography.

  1. Marketing plan

Think of what you should include in your marketing or action plan. How are you going to reach your target audience? Should you put up a photo studio so they can easily visit you? Should you have a website for your business to get exposes online? Keep in mind that most people or potential customers today have access to the Internet so it is best to include some online marketing plans like applying photography seo on your website.

  1. Equipment to buy

Know first what cameras and lenses are the most useful in your type of photography. If you want to do professional photography, then you really have to buy a professional camera, which is a DSLR. Invest in at 2 cameras, then a couple of suitable lenses, tripod, flashes, batteries and a computer with editing program. List the equipment you need to buy according to priority so you will start with the most important ones down to the least.

  1. Work portfolio

A work portfolio is what most clients look for when inquiring about your business. They want to know how skilled and experienced you are. Hence, you need to prepare a work portfolio that is impressive but truthful. It should contain some sample works, your work experience, photography courses you finished and similar information. If you need a more impressive portfolio, then work as a secondary shooter to gain experience or enroll in a reputable photography school.

  1. Goals and Backup Plans

What are your goals in the next five years? How many photo sessions do you intend to have each day? How many weddings can you cover per week? Set specific goals that are achievable and aim to reach each. Additionally, you need to think of other income sources during off-peak season. Let’s say you can focus on portrait photography during off-peak wedding seasons and there are few wedding clients.

Your photography has a higher chance at success if you carefully plan for it. Be ready to take on the challenge of becoming the best photographer that you can be.