documentary wedding photographerWedding is perhaps one of the highlights in a person’s life. It is the moment wherein a lot of changes will happen and most of us want to capture this perfect moment through pictures. Couples hire a professional wedding photographer to do the big task of capturing and delivering brilliant wedding images.

A wedding photographer may use different styles in shooting a wedding. The most common nowadays is the photojournalistic or documentary approach. In documentary wedding photography, the photographer usually takes shots without giving directions to the subject. We can even consider this as a candid form since at times the guests or the couple don’t know that they are being photographed.

Many professional photographers today like Berkshire Wedding Photographer apply this approach for they find it realistic and truthful. While it may sound easy since less to no formal poses is required, but then, truth be told that this documentary wedding approach will only be successful when done the right way.

Here are some guidelines on how an amateur photographer like you can become an effective documentary wedding photographer.

  1. Get the right equipment

There are cameras and lenses that work best for documentary wedding photography. Choose equipment that works well in low light and can produce sharp images even when you shot from afar. A telephoto or standard zoom lens is a good choice for documentary approach since you can shoot from a distance and won’t disturb precious moments.

  1. Sharpen your people skills

Gain confidence and learn how to approach and mingle with people. People skills are important for wedding photographers since you get deal with people of various personalities. You need to learn how to interact and deal with an engaged couple and their guests in a wedding.

  1. Prepare a to-do checklist

Try to become an assistant or second shooter to a documentary wedding photographer and observe what he/she does. Take note of your observations for every wedding event you work on and create a “to-do” checklist on what you notice that documentary wedding photographer does.

  1. Know the suitable shooting modes

Get advice from those ahead of you and read reviews on what shooting modes as well as setting is best for weddings in your particular brand of camera. If you are not familiar yet with the basic photography terms like depth of field and aperture, then you will have to start from there.

  1. Look for inspirations online

There are wedding websites of documentary wedding photographers such as www.shanewebber.comthat are worth looking into. Get ideas on what angles to shoot, how to do it and what techniques are best to do for a documentary approach.

  1. Be proactive

Being proactive means that you need to know and plan ahead on what to do for what might possibly happen during the wedding. You don’t have to be told on what to do but you will be the one to initiate a move that can give a good result. Let’s say for example, you acquire a copy of the wedding itinerary without being told to do so or you join the wedding rehearsal because you now you can benefit from attending it before a wedding.

It might take time to learn everything about documentary wedding photography but you can try to learn little by little. In time you will surely master everything and become a successful documentary wedding photographer.