documentary wedding photographyWedding photography has evolved over the past few decades. The traditional style of shooting is now almost replaced by much modern and unique styles of wedding photography. The popular types we have now include artistic and documentary wedding photography. The latter is gaining more popularity today because of its real, report-style shooting.

When looking for a wedding photographer, many couples now ask the style of photography that the potential photographer is planning to use. They are more likely to go with a documentary photographer. This is perhaps the reason a lot of wedding photographers are trying to be versatile and learn the newer documentary wedding photography style.  These documentary wedding photographers are expected to produce wedding photos that will tell a real, captivating story of the wedding and not just record the events.

For those who are just getting started in documentary wedding photography, there are many things you have to learn before you can finally offer this service.

  1. Equipment

At least 2 DSLR cameras, a telephoto zoom lens, a wide angle lens, a macro lens, spare batteries, a laptop and memory cards are some of the things you need to own. A telephoto zoom lens will allow you to take pictures from a distance so you won’t be disturbing the ceremony. The wide angle lens can be used to capture an entire scene or take shots of the beautiful wedding venue. Macro lens can be used to get more detailed shots of the wedding gown, rings, invitation and other important wedding items.

  1. Formal Training

Joining workshops or taking a course in wedding photography specifically documentary can help you acquire the right knowledge that you can use later. You can get useful advice and tips from more experienced documentary wedding photographers. Make sure to remember every new thing you learn along the way.

  1. Practical skills and experience

Working a second shooter to a professional wedding photographer can help you acquire more skills. You can observer how a more experienced photographer works and get ideas on how to do certain shots and a lot more. Remember also to practice as often as you can and familiarize also each control in your camera.  You need to try each shooting mode, try shooting in different angles and locations until you learn every important thing there is to know.

  1. Techniques

You can benefit a lot from observing how other documentary wedding photographers cover a wedding because you get to learn techniques and tips in shooting. You can also search for valuable tips and techniques online and try to use them until you master each. Visit the website of wedding photographer Chelmsford to get helpful tips and ideas.

  1. Photo editing

Photo editing skills are invaluable tools that can make a documentary photographer produce brilliant photos. It is important for you to choose an image editing that you think is best to use in enhancing and improving your captured images. You should also learn the limits of up to how you should edit your pictures. Aim for your pictures to look as wonderful as the pictures on this site

It is easy to get started in documentary wedding photography as long as you set your mind on it and aim to master this field.