mirrorless cameraPhotography is an interesting subject to learn or get into. Some individuals take pictures for the fun of it while others take it seriously and become a professional photographer. There are too many interesting subject to shoot and choose from. You can take pictures of people, events, animals, landscapes among many others. You may use your smartphone or camera in getting the shots you want.

A camera, of course, is better to use than a phone. There are plenty of cameras to select from and they come in various brands, types and sizes. The choice of a buyer usually depends on the budget, needs and form of photography. For photo hobbyists and beginner photographers, a good type of camera to use is a mirrorless camera.

What are Mirrorless Cameras?

Mirrorless cameras are generally smaller and lighter than professional DSLR cameras. They have interchangeable lenses which make them better than point and shoot camera and makes them similar in some ways to DSLR cameras. A mirrorless camera can be considered as more advanced than compact cameras but less sophisticated than most DSLR cameras. Photographers, like this great wedding photographer York, used this before when they are just starting in professional photography.

If you want to buy an average camera that offers special features yet can give your high resolution cameras, then a mirrorless camera is the right one for you. Most camera brands today offer mirrorless in different models and with varying prices. You can choose their basic entry level type or the brand’s flagship model.

When selecting among many mirrorless cameras, here are the features you need to look into:

  1. Image Quality

Mirrorless cameras, generally, can produce better images than compact cameras. These cameras differ in the size of their image sensor but this is not really a bigger image sensor does not really mean that the camera is better.

  1. Viewfinder

A mirrorless camera either has an electronic or optical viewfinder. In an electronic viewfinder, you can view the scene and adjust the settings especially the exposure through the histogram. This is an important feature especially if there is enough or more than enough light. But then, in low light situations, a mirrorless camera with an optical viewfinder works better because it is said to show the image more accurately.

  1. Full HD video capacity

Most mirrorless cameras can record in a full HD video and this can be an advantage if you sometimes record videos. These mirrorless cameras allow you to shoot at 1080p but the capacity still differs depending on brand and model. You will have to check the specifications of the camera first before buying to see if it suits your needs.

  1. Wi-fi connectivity

Another wonderful feature that you can find in most mirroless cameras is their wi-fi connectivity. This allows you to easily share your capture images or pictures if there is wi-fi connection in your shooting location. Photographers specializing in alternative wedding photography find this feature useful.

The size and price of the mirrorless camera are also some of the factors to consider when you choose a camera. There are too many mirrorless out there and it can be confusing which one is the best to choose. But then, by reading the features mentioned, you now have an idea on what features to look for in a mirrorless camera.