facebookHave you ever heard of Social Media Marketing? Are you aware that this is an effective way of promoting your business?

Well, for those people who are new to this idea, social media marketing can be defined as the use of different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest to promote a business, product or services. It is usually for free although some businesses choose to pay for ads in order to reach out to a greater online audience.

According to a social media marketing industry, Facebook still remains the best social media platform for business promotion. This is good news for those who want more online exposure for their businesses. You can reach out to more potential customers, engage in online conversations and convince them to give you a try.

If you are a photographer who has just started your own photography business, Facebook can be a useful promotional tool for you.  You can post vital information about your business, share awesome pictures that potential customers can see and answer customer queries. All this can be done for free!

To further help you market your photography business on Facebook; here are some valuable tips for you.

  1. Separate your personal account from your business page

It is important for you to create a business page that is solely for promoting your business. It should be different from your personal account although on your personal account you can sometimes share the pictures posted on your business page onto your own Facebook wall.  If you are new to Facebook, you can find instructions on how to create a page here.

  1. Share awesome pictures taken from your DSLR camera

Since you are into photography, people expect you to display brilliant photos. The best cameras today are DSLR cameras because they can produce sharper images than compact digital cameras, mirrorless and smartphone cameras.

If you know how to use a photo editing program, then use one to edit your images.  Make them look more appealing before posting on your Facebook page.

The pictures should entice viewers to try your services. Wedding photographer derby always does this.

  1. Add your business page under your current work

On your personal FB account, you can add the name of your business as your current job. It will help promote your business so everyone you’re connected with on Facebook will learn about it.

  1. Blog regularly and post them on Facebook

Having your own site and posting blogs on it regularly will build credibility so more people will find you trustworthy. Share or post the links of each article on your Facebook page. Your viewers will be impressed by your expertise in the photography-related topics you wrote.  Visit the website of this Pittsburgh family photographer to get ideas on what to post on your own website.

  1. Start a contest

Starting a contest on Facebook can help get the attention of potential customers online. Contests like fans sharing your page to win a prize or something much more interesting can provide greater exposure to your business so more potential customers will find you.

Becoming active on Facebook and other social media accounts can be very beneficial especially when you do it the right way. Never restrict yourself from doing only traditional marketing.  Go ahead and try learning how to do it online.