DSLR camera bagA common problem encountered by photographers who are into travel and outdoor photography is packing their gear. They need to carry a camera or two, lenses, accessories d even laptop. Even kent wedding photographers who travel to cover wedding events need to plan what to pack for the coverage and what makes packing difficult is when you do not have the best camera bag to use.

A camera bag is important primarily for protecting and safekeeping your camera and other photography equipment. If you are into street photography, then a basic camera bag might be enough since you only need to bring few items. Same goes for professional photographers who usually take pictures inside a studio.

But then if you are into wildlife, travel, outdoor and destination wedding photography, a bigger, better camera bag might be necessary. You will be carrying more stuff and the traveling might make your gear more prone to damage or incident. You must make sure to protect your DSLR camera and other photography equipment since you invested quite a lot on it.

Since a lot of DSLR camera bags are being sold in the market, it might be difficult to decide what camera bag to purchase. A beginner will usually buy one at start and will add more camera bags later or as the need arises. If you will buy your first camera bag, you need to carefully select before making a purchase.

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Number of items you usually bring

Think of how many cameras, lenses and other items you might normally bring. Make sure to plan what to bring so you won’t bring unnecessary stuff. The camera bag of your choice must have enough space and even a little extra for personal items.

  1. Places you will go to

If you will be going to high places or tough terrains, you need to consider a bag that is made of lightweight but tough materials. Carrying a heavy camera will certainly cause discomfort and pain to you. Thus, consider finding a camera bag that is not too difficult to carry even for long hours or when hiking. Our hampshire wedding photographer makes it a point to choose the right camera bag to use when he travels for work.

  1. Means of travel

If your type of photography usually entails traveling by air to get to your destination, then you will have to consider a rolling case backpack. Know the standards followed by most airlines when it comes to bag sizes. Consider a bag that can be placed in the plane’s overhead compartment so you do not have to check in your bag as luggage for it can possibly cause damage to your prized equipment.

  1. Type of photography

Your type of photography is also an important factor to consider when choosing a camera bag. If you are into wildlife photographer where you need to take quick shots of your subject, you will have to find a bag that makes it easy for you to access your camera or any item inside. There are bags that have top and side openings so you can easily grab your camera.

Generally, an ideal camera bag for travel and outdoor photography is spacious, weatherproof, tough, versatile and has padded compartments to protect each gear.

Make sure to check the specifications or features of the cameras you interested in before making a purchase. Some great brands worth checking out are Lowepro and Think Tank. Check out their models and find out what suits you best.