Photography is an interesting subject to learn or get into. Some individuals take pictures for the fun of it while others take it seriously and become a professional photographer. There are too many interesting subject to shoot and choose from. You can take pictures of people, events, animals, landscapes among many others. You may use […]

Black and white photography is a specialized form of creative photography that is becoming popular (again) these days. Black and white pictures already existed in the past but have somehow disappeared in the advent of advanced cameras which allow users to produce high resolution, colored images. Today, black and white photography is making a comeback […]

Many of us love taking pictures. We take pictures using our camera phone, a point or shoot camera or even a more advanced professional camera. We shoot photos of family members during events, photograph our pet animals or any interesting subject we see. Our love for photography, though, does not mean that we are ready […]

Do you love taking pictures of food? Have you noticed how difficult it is to get the shots done? Well, capturing perfect pictures of food can be really challenging. Food photography is something that needs to be done seriously if you want to produce delectable food photos. A food photo can be considered perfect if […]

Lack of colors aside, there is something timeless and captivating about black and white photographs. They evoke a sense of class that never fails to capture the attention of the viewer, despite the prevalence today of color photographs. For photographers like berkshire wedding photographer, especially those who have been so used to shooting pictures in […]

Newborn Photography is rewarding at the same time challenging to a newborn photographer. It feels great to be given a chance to take photos of someone else’s pride and glory but somehow nerve-racking since you need to meet their expectations. These parents expect to see awesome baby pictures that show the innocence and beauty of […]

A common problem encountered by photographers who are into travel and outdoor photography is packing their gear. They need to carry a camera or two, lenses, accessories d even laptop. Even kent wedding photographers who travel to cover wedding events need to plan what to pack for the coverage and what makes packing difficult is […]

Wedding photography has evolved over the past few decades. The traditional style of shooting is now almost replaced by much modern and unique styles of wedding photography. The popular types we have now include artistic and documentary wedding photography. The latter is gaining more popularity today because of its real, report-style shooting. When looking for […]