black and white photography tipsBlack and white photography is a specialized form of creative photography that is becoming popular (again) these days. Black and white pictures already existed in the past but have somehow disappeared in the advent of advanced cameras which allow users to produce high resolution, colored images. Today, black and white photography is making a comeback and lots of people are getting interested at it.

Black and white photos are usually achieved in two ways: choosing the black and white setting in the camera or shooting in color and transforming it later to black and white during post production. The choice will depend on which one the user is adept at.

Magnificent black and white photos are not easy to achieve though. There are tips and techniques that one must know and remember in order to get those perfect, dramatic, enticing black & white images. Below are 5 essential tips for all beginners out there who want to improve their black and white photography.

  1. Visualize in black and white

A good technique in producing B & W photos is to imagine how the subject and the scene will look like in black and white. Take a closer look at the subject, compose your shoot then visualize how it will look in monochrome. Do you think it will still look great? Can you still bring out its beauty even in black and white? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and aim for the shot.

This technique might quite take some time to master but if you continuously practice shooting, then you’ll get the hang of it and it will be easier to do next time around.

  1. Observe shapes, patterns and contrast

When composing your shot with black and white in mind, try to observe the subject and/or the scene and pay attention to the lines, patterns, and contrast. Do you think when the color is removed the picture will look more interesting? Will the black and white setting make the subject stand out even more? There are cameras that give a black and white preview to users and that can be useful when trying to produce stunning black and white pictures.

  1. Choose a gloomy, dark day

The somewhat colorless look on a gloomy day can be a good time for you to shoot. Grab your camera when the sky and surroundings look gloomy for you can see wonderful contrasts, shades of gray and different touches of neutral colors.

  1. Pick the lowest ISO

Setting your camera to the lowest ISO can help you produce brilliant black and white pictures. After the shoot, you can convert the images to black and white much easier and produce astounding monochrome photos that viewers will gasp at.

  1. Shoot in RAW

If your camera has a RAW setting option, then choose it for black and white photography. Shooting in RAW is a good technique to use if you want to produce black and white pictures because in doing so you can have a huge control during post production. Even professionals specializing in alternative wedding photography does this at times. It is easier to convert the colored images into black and white using a reliable editing program.

Keep in mind these 5 tips for they can definitely help you improve your skills in shooting and producing fantastic black and white photos.